"She was killing me in that mini skirt"

Tim McGraw wasn't kidding. Sometimes we all make bad choices. For the a performer, these bad choices are sometimes lived out in front of a crowd of people. I showed up to play the Ranch in Guelph in a jean skirt that I have worn on stage many times before. However, I must have forgotten that the stage at the ranch is much higher than many places we play. I started walking up the stairs to the stage and thought "uh-oh. This skirt is shorter than I thought." I asked Josh to check it out for me from the dance floor and the look on his face told me there was no way I could play the whole night like that. Josh and I jumped in the car and ran to Wal-mart. I tried on multiple pairs of jeans before finding a pair that would do the trick (my legs are really short. Finding pants that don't have to be hemmed is like a miracle). This is all fine and good but when I went to pay, there were huge line ups. We picked the shortest line, which usually means the slowest, right? This  was no exception. The people in front of my could NOT work their credit card. I was starting to panic. We were supposed to be on stage in 10 min! I still had to pay, drive back to the bar, change, tune my guitar and get all my gear on to play. I finally paid and basically ran to the car (it must have looked like I was shoplifting). Josh drove while I changed in the backseat and called Drew. I begged him to tune my guitar so Josh and I could basically walk on-stage and play. It all worked out...all in all a good night! Thank goodness for Wal Mart!

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    i love it thanks and your blog is so good guys . http://www.novinseda.com/

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